Hospital for Special Surgery is a world leader in the diagnosis and surgical and non-surgical treatment of musculoskeletal conditions. The hospital's orthopedic surgeons performed more than 22,000 surgical procedures. Orthopedic specialists offer comprehensive care in all areas of orthopedics, including sports injuries, hand, foot and spine procedures, as well as arthroscopies and minimally invasive surgeries.

Orthopedic Surgery Condition & Treatment Highlights

  • Revision Total Hip Replacement: An Overview
    Alejandro Gonzalez Della Valle, MD
  • HSS Research and Clinical Trials: Protecting People Who Volunteer to Participate
    Edward Jones, MD
  • Partial Knee Replacement
    Friedrich Boettner, MD
  • Shoulder Replacement Surgery: Diagnosis, Treatment, and Recovery
    Edward V. Craig, MD, MPH
  • Hip Mobility and Hip Arthroscopy: Correcting Femoro-acetabular Impingement
    Struan H. Coleman, MD, PhD
  • Joint Replacement: Implant Bearing Surface Materials
    Timothy Wright, PhD, et al.
  • Total Shoulder Replacement Surgical video
    David M. Dines, MD
    Edward V. Craig, MD, MPH
  • Distal Radius Fractures of the Wrist: Avoiding Complications with Proper Diagnosis and Treatment
    Scott W. Wolfe, MD
  • Total Knee Replacement at HSS: One Size Does Not Fit All
    Richard S. Laskin, MD
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Myths, Facts, Diagnosis, and Treatment
    Aaron Daluiski, MD
  • Hip Resurfacing
    Edwin P. Su, MD; Douglas E. Padgett, MD; Richard S. Laskin, MD
  • Pediatric Orthopedic Urgent Care Service
  • Minimally-Invasive Surgical Repair for Achilles Tendon Rupture
    Andrew J. Elliott, MD
  • Arthroscopy of the Hip
    Robert L. Buly, MD
  • Synovectomy
    Daniel W. Green, MD, FAAP; Mark P. Figgie, MD
  • Arthritis of the Hip - Overview
    Paul M. Pellicci, MD
  • Arthritis of the Hip: Treatment at HSS
    Edwin P. Su, MD
  • Knee Arthritis: Treatment at HSS
    Edwin P. Su, MD
  • Patient's Guide to EMG Testing
    Joseph H. Feinberg, MD
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